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Enterprise Advantage

Enterprise Advantage

JSC «SSC RIAR» is one Russia’s largest manufacturer of radionuclide, which are widely used in various areas, including nuclear engineering, agriculture and medicine as well as in research in general chemistry, physics, biotechnologies, meteorology, agro-chemistry and others.

The Radionuclide Sources & Radiochemical Division has 34 hot cells and more than 30 shielded boxes. The biological shielding of 22 hot cells allows handling radioactive materials of up to 100000Ci; other hot cells are designed for 1000 – 20000Ci. Depending on the type of boxes, their biological shielding allows a safe handling of up to 100Ci.The hot cells and boxes are equipped with devices for extraction and purification of target radionuclide from irradiated targets, manufacture of radionuclide sources and production of radiochemical.

With China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE) as the main initiator, Beijing Atom High-tech Nuclear Technology Application Co., Ltd. was established in May of 2001. In 2003, the company reformed and joined hands with isotope industry of CIAE. In 2005, the company realized the first share capital increase and changed its name as High-technology Atom (HTA) Co., Ltd. In 2006, the company was formally listed onto the stock market and the commission and transfer system. In 2011, HTA was acquired by Chinese largest nuclear technology application enterprise China Isotope & Radiation Corporation (CIRC).

For many years, the company has inherited the enterprise concept about people-orientation, integrity and pragmatism, opening up and forging ahead, and making unremitting efforts to become the best, insisted on independent innovation and successfully finished many innovative technological projects. Besides, it has turned its technological advantage and enterprise culture into core competitiveness, and set up its own brand and image in the industry.

At present, HTA specializes in the application and development of isotope and irradiation technologies. It owns the largest radioactive isotope product R&D and production base in China and has successfully passed national ISO9001, GMP and other qualification attestation. Besides, it can produce over 300 varieties of products, covering more than 70 nuclides. 

HTA endows its products with high technology and also gives them with the soul of the enterprise. The research and development of each product and the exploitation of each technique bring from the social responsibilities and the mission of benefitting human being. 


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